Liquid Sodium chlorite (200L package) 

Liquid Sodium chlorite (200L package):
Chemical name: sodium chlorite solution
Molecular formula:(NaClO2) Molecularweight:90.45
Appearance:lighe green yellow solution
Production standards: HG/T3250-2010

Product properties:
Liquid sodium chlorite is light green-yellow solution , it is stable at room tempeture and normal storage conditions , it should be far away from acid because sodium chlorite very easily to reaction with acid and release chlorine dioxide gas.

Product use:
It is manily used to manufacture chlorine dioxide ; blanch of textile , paper plip , oil ; drinking water and polluted water treatment ; certain metal surface active handle .

Packing and marking:
Packed in 200 liter polythene plastic drums , net weight: 250kg/drum ; and we can offer package as per customer requirement .

Storage and transport matters needing attention:
It should be stored at cool and dry place and also can not store with acid and reducible material . during transportation , it should be far away from fire and heat source and can not transport together with acid , reducible material .

Toxicity and protective measures:
Production have stimulation to the respiratory , mucosal , eye and skin ; If the solution spilled into eye or skin for carelessly ,should be washing with water immediately. If eating for mistake , should drinking salt water or soapy water immediately for can vomiting and then take to hospital for treatment immediately.

Technical indicators:

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